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Damian Valentine

Damian Valentine is a producer, musician, and composer whose versatility and extensive musical knowledge paired with his skills as a multi-instrumentalist (bass, cello, guitar, keyboards, drum programming) and mastery of studio technology, put him on the cutting edge of contemporary music.


Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, DV began his classical music education on cello and piano at age eight. After extensively studying classical music for nine years, Damian added the bass guitar to his musical repertoire and began to pursue a career in Rock n’ Roll. 


1997 - DV co-founded the band Bolt Upright which was signed by the Sony 550 record label only six months after the band’s inception. Their debut album “Red Carpet Sindrome” was recorded in 1998 and BU toured every corner of the U.S.A. with bands such as Kid Rock, Staind, Powerman 5000, Vanilla Ice, and The Kottonmouth Kings. 


2000 - Damian Valentine Music Production and were born.


2002 - DV composed rock arrangements for Sony's "XXX". He worked closely with director Rob 

Cohen, composer Randy Edelman and music editors John & Sienna Finklea to write hard-edged

variations of Edelman's main theme. That same year, he scored the final climactic stand-off scene in Sony's "National Security".


2003 - DV began composing for video games. Atari and Mark Morrison tasked DV with scoring the documentary "Terminator 3 Making the Video Game" for the film's DVD release. Additionally, Damian has composed entire soundtracks for Ubisoft's "Jam Sessions 2" (2009) and Paramount's "Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol" (2011). For Midway's "Wheelman" he created a country music radio station and remixed a Cypress Hill song (2008).


Damian spent a year scoring TruTV's "20 Most Shocking" series (2010). He also spent over a year writing 10 cues a week for an exclusive music library that catered to Cable/Reality/Network Television (2014). DV has placed music in "Entourage", "The Big C", "Access Hollywood", "Without A Trace" and "Anger Management". His music can currently be heard in many of today's top TV shows.


2014 - DV contributed music to the movie and soundtrack for "One For The Money", "Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit" and "The To Do List". He also produced tracks for "The Sims" video game.


2015 - DV partnered with Blend Studios and became their Lead Composer. He has since added his touch to such projects as, IK Multimedia's "iRig", "iLoud" & NAMM videos, Kohler, Citgo, Home Chef TV, GE, Marquette & Concordia Universities, and Skidoo.

2016 - DV placed a track in Paramount's "Zoolander 2" movie.  He composed the entire music library for GenXtraa's YouTube channel, and became a freelance composer for Robert Etoll.

2017 - DV wrote & co-produced a 5 song EP for the Electro-Metal band "Blitz Union" with acclaimed producer Steve Thompson. He also composed 2 tracks for Milwaukee's "Summerfest" ad campaign.

2018 - DV partnered with "In The Groove Music" and composed - 2 Epic Orchestral albums, an EDM-Electro-Trap album (Chemtrailz), and a Sound Design album for them. He also composed 2 more tracks for "Summerfest's" 2018 ad campaign.

2020 - DV composes 2 more albums for ITG : TRUE CRIME HIPHOP & TRAILER HYRIDS

Over the years, DV has produced full-length LP's for dozens of artists/bands and has worked on projects for Cypress Hill, Beatrazr, Snow, Cris Angel, Leroy Sibbles and Mozella. His much sought after skills as a producer, arranger, songwriter, programmer, remixer and multi-instrumentalist have kept him in constant demand. 


Building on a solid foundation of past experiences and success, DV now focuses his musical vision on Film, Television, Video Game scoring and songwriting as well as producing/remixing signed and independent artists around Los Angeles. He is continually expanding and diversifying his musical catalogue. 

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